Personal Injury

Having a personal injury is never fun. It causes pain, and limited mobility, and prevents you from taking part in activities you love. Some personal injuries can heal completely, and the injured individual can revert to normal without medical intervention. Regrettably, other personal injuries require chiropractic treatment to restore your health to what it used to be.


Are you suffering from a niggling personal injury? Please book an appointment with Spine One Chiropractic Center for immediate treatment. We serve numerous regions, including Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, and Egg Harbor City, NJ. Visit us today, and your pain-free days will be around the corner.

Types of Personal Injuries that a Chiropractor Can Help 

Personal injuries can happen anytime and anywhere, whether at work, home, in a car, or when taking a stroll. The typical personal injuries we see in our clinic include:

  • Whiplash: It's a common personal injury that occurs in rear-end accidents, although falls and slips may cause a whiplash injury. This injury occurs when the accident's impact causes the head to jerk forward and back, damaging your neck's tendons and ligaments.
  • Back pain: Injuries to the back may damage the nerves, tendons, ligaments, and bones, resulting in back pain and limited mobility.
  • Auto accidents injuries: This personal injury is the most widespread involving trucks, cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycle riders. Statistics demonstrate that millions of people get injured in motor accidents globally. Suppose you get involved in an accident either as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. In that case, you can suffer numerous auto injuries, and you need the services of a chiropractor to restore your health to its former self.
  • Neck pain: Besides whiplash, you may suffer nerve impingement, fractures and sprains, and other injuries in your neck.
  • Shoulder pain: Frozen shoulder, pulled muscles, and torn rotator cuff are common shoulder injuries resulting from an auto, sports, or work injury.

If you have a personal injury, don't delay treatment or self-medicate. This will only worsen the injury. Instead, please book an appointment with a chiropractor for pain management.

How Chiropractors Treat Personal Injuries

Since personal injuries differ, don't expect one comprehensive treatment. We combine different remedies to treat personal injuries. These include:

  • Spinal decompression creates spaces in the spinal column, reducing pressure on trapped nerves.
  • Spinal manipulation to reposition misaligned spinal joints.
  • Custom orthotics to treat foot pain and other discomforts.
  • Ultrasound therapy to treat numerous musculoskeletal issues, including muscle strains.

Let Our Chiropractor Treat Your Injury Today!

Whether you have sports injuries, work injuries, or any other discomfort, you can count on chiropractic care for pain relief. If you are struggling with a personal injury, please book an appointment with Spine One Chiropractic Center at one of our convenient New Jersey locations for quick pain relief. Our chiropractic team will help you relieve pain and restore your everyday life to its healthy best. Call us today at (609) 965-5533.

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