Auto Accident Injury

Were You Involved in an Auto Accident in Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, or Egg Harbor City? Contact Our Chiropractor for Treatment

Your well-being is a priority in any type of auto accident. It doesn't matter if it takes place on the highway, or if it is a fender bender, your well-being is what matters. You may shake off the idea of visiting a medical professional at first because you don't feel any pain, but that is often due to the adrenaline pumping through your body. As your chemical balance evens out, you will begin to feel pain in different areas of the body, among other symptoms.


Schedule an appointment with our chiropractors at Spine One Chiropractic Center, serving Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, and Egg Harbor City. We have the tools you need to recover from an auto accident.

Why You Need to Seek Chiropractic Care after an Auto Accident

As mentioned previously, being in an auto accident can cause the adrenaline to pump, so you may not experience any pain at first, but once it subsides, all types of pain emerges. As in the case of whiplash, symptoms can remain hidden for a day or months after the auto accident. Once symptoms occur, not only will they be uncomfortable, but they will interfere with your daily life.

If you seek chiropractic care after an auto accident, a chiropractor can detect early on if you suffered an injury. A chiropractor can also create a treatment plan to help you recover from the injury, reducing your symptoms significantly.

Types of Auto Accident Injuries Our Chiropractors Can Treat

Our chiropractors have extensive training in treating a range of auto accident injuries, such as

  • whiplash
  • herniated disc
  • pinched nerves
  • neck or back pain
  • headaches
  • soft tissue injuries

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If you've been in an auto accident recently in Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, or Egg Harbor City, contact Spine Once Chiropractic Center today at 888-888-9260 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. We will diagnose your injury and use chiropractic methods such as spinal manipulation, strengthening exercises, e-stim, decompression therapy, and massage to help you heal.

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