Meet the Team

We have a well trained experienced full time staff. They are all trained to put "Patients First" and most of our patients complement our office(s) for having one of the friendliest staff they have ever encountered.

Christi Murphy

Christi Murphy

Practice Manager

Christi began working with our practice in 1990. Our offices could not have grown to enjoy the level of distinction we do today without her tireless dedication. She just recently celebrated her 29th year anniversary with our practice. Her knowledge of insurance and PIP is unsurpassed. She is the cement of our staff and manages to juggle many tasks while always getting everything completed on time. She has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and is always available to answer and/or address any of your questions/concerns. She can be reached directly at [email protected] or by calling (888) 888-9260.

Coleen Frazier

Coleen Frazier

Insurance Coordinator

Coleen has been a dedicated employee for years. We just celebrated her 20 year anniversary with our practice. Her duties have varied through the years and she currently works in our insurance department. Her commitment to excellence and her wonderful rapport with our patients makes her an invaluable asset to our centers. She is available Monday through Friday to answer any of your concerns. Coleen can be reached directly by calling (888) 888-9260.

Karen Foley

Insurance/Billing Coordinator

Karen has been with our office for eight years. She has worked in the medical field for over 25 years and has a high level of knowledge and experience with insurance and billing. Karen is an extremely important asset to our team and plays a key role in our insurance department. She handles billing and payment posting for all our locations, among many, many other things. She mainly works in our Egg Harbor location and is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding insurance and/or billing. Karen can be reached directly by calling (888) 888-9260.

Samantha Groen

Patient Care Coordinator

Samantha is our patient care coordinator, she will be the person that calls you to see how you're feeling after your first appointment, she will contact you with your insurance benefit information. Sam has been working with our office for almost three years and has become such a key part of our team. Samantha is our "go to girl", if we need someone to do something...Sam will do it. She is an amazing asset to our office. Should you have any questions regarding your patient care, Sam can be reached at (888) 888-9260.

Kasandra Ramos

Receptionist - Atlantic City/Northfield Locations

Kasandra is the lead receptionist on our team. She has been with us for a little over two years. Kasandra splits her time between the Atlantic City and Northfield offices. She is a very hard worker and has quickly adapted to the chiropractic world. She is a multi-tasking queen and always gets the job done! She is fluent in Spanish and is a pleasure to have on our team. Kasandra can be reached by calling (888) 888-9260.

Taylor Murphy

Receptionist - Egg Harbor/Northfield Locations

Taylor just joined our team almost two years ago and she is quickly became a huge asset to our team. She started as our Records Custodian but now you will find her behind the desk in our Egg Harbor or Northfield locations, she often will assist Dr. Murphy as well. She is very organized and is a great multi-tasker! Taylor can be reached by calling (888) 888-9260.

Zai Compres

Receptionist - Atlantic City/Northfield Locations

Zai is the newest receptionist to join our practice! She just celebrated her first year with us, she has a great personality and work ethic. She is such a reliable team player and we are happy to have her on our team. She is fluent in Spanish and can be reached by calling (888) 888-9260.

Gene Foley

File Clerk

Gene joined our team just last year. She is responsible for all the filing for all locations, which at times can be quite overwelming; but she handles it like a champ. She always knows where everything is, no matter what we may need - she finds it! She also helps out in other aspects of the office when needed. She is most definitely a team player and we are happy she is a part of our team.

Chrissy Wilbert

Doctor Assistant - Egg Harbor/Northfield Location

Chrissy joined our practice just over a year ago and quickly became Dr. Murphy's right hand! She loves working with patients and has such a sweet personality. She is always willing to help out wherever she can and we are delighted to have her on our team! Chrissy can be reached at (888) 888-9260.

Dan Foley

Records Custodian

Dan is our newest team member! Dan is responsible for all record requests for the entire practice and let's just say that is quite a task! He's an all around great guy and a very hard worker with an awesome personality. No matter what is thrown his way, he gets the job done! We are delighted to have his as part of our team. Dan can be reached at (888) 888-9260.

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