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Are you having one of those days that nothing seems to be going right?  It doesn't matter that things at work or home are going well, you just don’t feel like your usual self.  Many people get to this point and suffer because it seems that this will be their lot in life.  However, in most cases, when pain or discomfort goes unchecked, it results in the pain worsening.  The next time you feel like this, instead of soldiering on, visit Spine One Chiropractic Center in Egg Harbor, Northfield, Atlantic, or Cherry Hill, NJ.

Feeling Out of Joint?

When many people don't feel quite right, they often attribute it to being "out of joint."  The trouble is that this is often precisely the problem.  It doesn't take a doctor to know that our bodies are made up of thousands of different parts that work together to make up the human body.  Unfortunately, in the course of daily living, we take our bumps, we fall, and we get hurt, each leading to many of our joints being out of alignment with each other.  

When many people get to this point, they turn to traditional doctors, but doctors generally treat their patients with prescription medications. Medications generally only invade the body and can leave us sicker than before.  Additionally, sometimes patients who choose traditional medicine may recover from the original illness that brought them in, but may also have to recover from the effects of the medications. Some medications cause pain, grogginess, addiction, and much more.  For this reason, we strive to treat our clients with a holistic and natural approach.

Spine One Chiropractic Center Total Body Care

At Spine One Chiropractic Center we don't use traditional medical treatments to help our clients.  We use chiropractic care, which is different. Chiropractic care is a holistic approach that uses gentle manipulation techniques to bring the bones of the spine and other parts of the body into proper alignment, restoring health the way it was meant to be maintained.   With chiropractic care, you will begin to have renewed health and naturally recover from the suffering you’ve been experiencing.   That's a common feeling among patients that have found their path to better health at Spine One Chiropractic Center

If you would like to know how chiropractic care can benefit you, stop in today at one of Spine One Chiropractic Center’s offices in Egg Harbor, Northfield, Atlantic, or Cherry Hill office. Our chiropractors will show you how pleasant and restorative chiropractic care can be.  Call (888) 888-9260 to make an appointment today!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been going here for years! Dr Pete Murphy is the doctor I see most of the time! I cannot complain about any experience I have ever had!!!"
    Samantha S.
  • "Great people! My back feels great and my neck also. I'm ready to go back already but gotta wait till Monday. Definitely a great place to go!"
    Mike P.
  • "Had severe shoulder pain. Dr Rossi treated and no more pain. No surgery.

    Had a rib that kept popping out. Went to Dr. Pete a few times and have not had a problem since.

    They are the best!!"
    MaryLou H. S.

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